When a Texas man stopped at a drive-through restaurant to grab a quick dinner after a busy day he pulled out his credit card and waited while the clerk swiped and swiped, and tried again. It was denied. Apparently he had done so much shopping that day, the credit card company had put a stop on the card.

A young cook working in the back of the restaurant heard the conversation, jumped in, pulled out his own credit card, and paid for the man’s dinner. Of course the business man thanked him profusely. Then was on his way. That could have been the end of the story. But….

A couple of months later, the man gathered a number a people including the cook’s parents at the restaurant to honor the generosity of this young man. He thanked him again and gave him a $50 gift certificate, saying I just wanted to say “don’t stop being a good guy.”

People are good. I know we hear about shootings and looting and gang issues and hate-filled political rhetoric, but mostly, overwhelmingly? People are good. Remember that you are one of those good people. We're not supposed to hold that inside so no one knows we are good and wish good things for others. We are supposed to act on the needs we see. 

A little encouragement goes a long way. A smile can relieve someone’s fears. Just holding the door for a person might be proof to them that at least at that moment they matter to someone.

We say “use your words!” to children who are crying for something and we can’t understand them. We expect them to help us out a little—let us know what the problem is. But when it comes to adults, we might have to ask in a better way. “What can I do to help?” “Can I give you a ride?” “Have you eaten today?” “Do you have a place to sleep?” “Do you need something?”

Think hard about all those who have helped you with encouragement, money, love, time, food, or support of some kind. Now look around and see how you can keep the chain going. People fall off the tracks sometimes. Some are born off the tracks. Hopefully, the rest of us won’t just walk by and let them get run over. It is a way to remember to thank those who have helped us along the way. Because every day is payback time.



10/12/2016 2:55am

I find this post very heartwarming. It made me realize that there are still good Samaritans out there. I learned that we should not forget to look at the good side of everyone. Just like what Cinderella says, "Have courage and be kind." We must always practice kindness and we must be grateful even in the little things.

04/21/2017 8:27am

Some people don't appreciate the things that other people do for them. Most of those kind of multitude is taken for granted. I hate doing that to people because I know the opinion. As much as possible I want them to feel that I appreciate them in some other ways, though other people engage it on something or above it like I like them or what, but no. I always make it clear in the foremost place. Keep it up, You will help a bunch of people.

06/20/2017 4:29pm

We share the same philosophy. I also believe that by nature, people have good hearts. Sometimes, we are blinded by the many chaos happening around us that we often forget that even though bad people are doing things like this, they are still good by heart. I know that's just hard to believe, but it is true. People are good deep down inside. They just get lost at one point in their lives and because no one is helping them find the path to God, they find it hard to go back. Which is the reason why we have to be stronger and start helping these people find their way back to God.

12/26/2016 5:25am

Payback term could be known as karma. Which means that what goes around, definitely comes around.

06/20/2017 4:24pm



Thank you for this inspiring story of generosity. As what Alicia Keys stated in her song Karma, what goes around comes around. It means that what you do to other people will be also done to you. That's what we call karma. Karma isn't about all the bad things you've done to other people, but it also includes good things you've done to them.

03/06/2017 1:11pm

There is no time for revenge. This is a bad feeling that leave an taste of ashes in your mouth.

12/12/2017 10:08pm

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