On Halloween, when Georgia State Patrol Trooper Nathan Bradley responded to the scene of a car accident, he found Donald and Crystal Howard dead at the scene. The Howards were the parents of four children, ages 13, 10, 8 and 6. 

Bradley moved quickly to request permission to care for the children while they awaited the arrival of their grandmother, who was driving from Florida. Meanwhile, the trooper took the kids out to eat and then to the Georgia State Patrol Post to feast on Halloween candy and enjoy a marathon of Disney films. Bradley wanted the children to enjoy the evening before delivering the awful news the next day.

The 13-year-old Howard son later contacted Bradley, explaining that upcoming costs for the funeral and transporting the parents' bodies to Florida would amount to approximately $7,000. An impossible sum for the grandmother to assume.

So Bradley created an online fundraiser, which received an outpouring of support from generous individuals. The original $7,000 goal was quickly surpassed, reaching more than $117,000 from almost 3,000 supporters. And the numbers continue to climb.

"They keep saying, 'You have more and more,' and every time I hear 'more,' I just want to cry," the children’s grandmother told the local news. ” I didn't know people…cared so much. I've never dealt with this, never. It's just so amazing."

Bradley continues to update the GoFundMe page as support continues to flow in. According to the website, “sums donated will be given directly to the family” to first cover funeral costs, and any additional donations will be “placed into a trust fund that is set up by the family and will be used to provide higher education” to the children.

With all the drubbing police officers have been getting lately, this story is a wonderful reminder of the generous and caring men and women who wear blue and care so generously for the people they serve.